20 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Jessica Mendes
11 min readJan 21, 2021


In 2016, I had a spiritual awakening and have been growing spiritually ever since. I don’t mean I was a non-believer and suddenly became closer to God. In fact I’ve always had a strong relationship with God since I was a child. However, I was at a rough point in my life, in an Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, Pray, Love” kind of way that I needed to go to a retreat & find my purpose in life. I went and actually became less religious, more spiritual and connected to God and my higher self. I started to self-reflect and learn how to become a better person and live more consciously; conscious of my thoughts and behaviors and my surroundings and I started to raise my vibration frequency.

You might be wondering what I mean by “raising vibration frequency.” It’s essentially raising your energy & becoming more connected to higher consciousness. Everything around us consists of energy and vibrates at a different frequency. We are all made up of energy, as are animals, plants, air, and even objects such as rocks or furniture, and when we are around certain energies, it can lift us up and put us in a good mood or bring us down if it has negative energy. That’s why we can pick up on moods or feel a certain way when we go places or are around certain people.

Here’s a chart that displays the different frequencies and what each one means:

After I started raising my vibration with the following techniques and habits, I became lighter, calmer, and more connected to my higher self and God. The more we raise our vibration frequency, the more we spread good energy around us onto others, which in turn raises the vibration of the planet.

If you want to start or continue lifting your own energy and frequency, doing these things on a regular basis really helps.


Meditate when you wake up or before going to bed or whenever you have time really. 10 mins a day can really help. You can use a guided meditation to help you. I started off with the app Insight Timer but now I go between that, , or and usually just use music if I want to meditate without any guidance. You’ll see how much calmer you’ll feel throughout the day.

If you say you don’t know how to meditate or can’t, trust me, you’ll get there. I thought I couldn’t either because my mind would be racing and I thought I’d get too distracted or wouldn’t be able to sit still. Thoughts will run through your mind. You will probably get uncomfortable or fidgety. That is normal. We are always thinking and just like practicing something new, it can take time to get used to. What I tend to do when a thought comes to mind is just tell it I acknowledge it and let it drift off and focus on my breath as much as possible as well as my eyes focusing on my third eye (the point between our eyebrows) with my eyes closed. This will awaken your third eye (intuition).

2. Focus on your breath throughout the day

Take deep breaths when you are feeling stressed, angry, worried, or other intense emotions to help calm you or even when you are enjoying something to take in the good moment you are having.

There are many ways you can do deep breathing exercises, but one way I really like is inhaling through my nose while counting to 4 (in my head), hold for 2–4 seconds at the inhale, and exhale through my mouth for 6–8 seconds. Think of smelling the flowers for the inhale and blowing candles for the exhale or blowing fire from your mouth for a deeper exhale / release.

Note: When you inhale, your belly should expand filling it with air and when you exhale, your belly should go in as you release the air, not the other way around. I thought it was a bit awkward at first but it was nice once I got the hang of it. It’s interesting when we find out we’ve been breathing the wrong way for so long.

3. Pray. Connect with God, Source, Universe, the Divine Spirit, Your Angels / Spirit Guides

There is no right or wrong way to talk to God or your guides and angels. You just talk to them in your head or out loud and connect with the Divine. You’ll feel good in doing so and believe me, you’ll see signs and hear their response in your thoughts and occasionally out loud if you’ve been able to tap into that gift.

4. Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing that we use with our hands. It is a practice that was learned and taught by a Japanese sensei named Mikao Usui. It reminds me a lot of when Christians use their hands to pray over someone and send them healing from God. It feels the exact same to me as I have experienced giving and receiving both. I’m a level 2 reiki healer and that means I can send healing to someone who wants it next to me or even from thousands of miles away just by using my practice, good thoughts, symbols, and hands. Feel free to message me for a session or if you want to know more. :)

5. Connect With Your Inner Child

When we are close to a childlike state, we are on a very high frequency. Think of children between the ages of 1–5 for example: They’re always laughing (even at the things we don’t find so amusing), they don’t take life so seriously, they take risks, they love to explore new things, and are always full of curiosity. That’s how we should be living our whole lives! Children don’t really care if someone judges them as long as they are having FUN!

People think it’s brave or funny when I post videos of me dancing or being silly, but I do it because that’s when I feel most joy. I’m connected to my inner child doing those things, because those were the things I loved doing as a child — being silly, dancing, and acting. When we lose sight of our inner child, we become more serious and lose sight of who we really are.

6. Stay hydrated, drink LOTS of water!

Water is the healthiest thing we can drink. Adult bodies on average consist of 60% water so we need to drink at least 2 Liters of water per day to replenish our body, our cells, everything. Staying hydrated is very crucial to our bodies.

7. Avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs & meat as much as possible

I know this can be hard for many people especially avoiding meat if you’ve eaten it your whole life, but these things actually lower our frequency especially alcohol, smoking & drugs. They draw in more and more negative energy making it harder to come out of. Essentially anything we know is toxic for our body, is toxic for our soul / spirit form. As for meat, at least try to minimize the amount you consume and try to substitute meat for products that have a heartier texture such as beans, mushrooms, tofu, etc.

8. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous one. Anything that’s good for your body is great for your soul so consume more raw fruits and vegetables as they have lots of vitamins, nutritional value, and great energy. A great way to consume more fruits and veggies is by making smoothies or juicing them. Try drinking one glass per day and you’ll notice how much clearer your mind feels and lighter your body will feel.

9. Sound Healing / Music

Certain sounds have been known to be therapeutic and raise our vibrations, and many even say it can heal us. Have you noticed how certain songs affect your mood instantly? It could be because of the rhythm, words, or in most cases, the frequencies. That’s why there are crystal singing bowl healing classes where you can go to, to hear the frequencies of the bowls to help you vibrate higher.

There are actual specific frequencies we can listen to that stimulate our brain waves used for beneficial purposes such as helping you get rid of fear, guilt, or worry, awaken your intuition, healing, etc. They’re called Solfeggio Frequencies & each Solfeggio frequency has a specific purpose to balance your energy and heal different parts of you. For example, the 528 hertz (Hz) frequency can be used to repair DNA and is a frequency of Universal miracles. I will post about the different frequencies soon and where to find them. :)

10. Expanding your consciousness

The more we expand our knowledge on spirituality and what can make us evolve spiritually will help us better understand the world we live in, what our purpose is, and who we are. I’m constantly trying to learn more and more about raising vibrations and the metaphysical world. I tend to listen to podcasts or watch youtube videos from spiritual teachers such as Aaron Doughty, who’s a YouTuber that studies ways to expand our consciousness and recently started listening to interviews with Dolores Cannon who was a past life regression hypnotherapist. Incredible stuff!

11. Be conscious of your thoughts & behaviors

This is what really helped me grow. I learned things about myself that were unhealthy such as being judgmental or trying to change things I couldn’t and worrying about things that were not in my control. I practiced being non-judgmental, and learned to take everything for what it is, stopped trying to change or control what isn’t for me and realized it was just meant to be that way.

See what kind of behaviors or thoughts you have that maybe affect you or the people around you. Maybe you have a habit of over thinking which just brings you stress. Maybe you worry too much about what you said weeks, months, or even years ago. Try to remember that the past is the past and you can only learn from it but not change it. Maybe you explode easily and throw things out of frustration or anger and you just need to find a way to let out your frustration in a non-aggressive way. Maybe you cut people off when they’re speaking instead of fully listening. Try to wait a few seconds before responding so you know they’re done and then respond. Noticing your thoughts and actions is a great step to improving yourself.

12. Acts of Kindness

Doing acts of kindness helps the world go round. When we spread kindness, other people see it and it motivates them to do the same. I’m not saying to do something kind just to say you did something nice and brag about it on social media, but do something because it comes from the heart. Compliment someone you know could use a friendly word (it always brightens someone’s day), call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, hold the door for a stranger, help an elderly cross the street, or donate food or clothing to those who are in need. There are plenty of ways you can help & donate especially now.

13. Let go of toxic people and habits

Say no to people who do not serve you and let go of things that drain your energy. This was a hard one for me, because I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and forgive people easily even when they’ve hurt me several times. I used to think that usually those people are hurting and just need help and that I can solve their problems, but we are not here to solve people’s problems for them. After realizing this was bad for me, I chose to let go of people that were draining my energy. I also started unfollowing people on social media that didn’t bring me joy or motivation and had no meaning to where I am in life.

As far as habits, the number one thing that was consuming me in a toxic way was my phone usage so instead of not using it altogether because that’s impossible, I turned off all social media notifications. It was consuming me because I’d keep checking my phone when someone messaged me or liked my content. It was draining and hurting my family. I now go to the apps less and try to use it for more of a business purpose. Also leaving your phone away from your nightstand is very helpful. Using our phones as the first and last thing we do in the day really affects us poorly and becomes part of an addiction.

14. Move Your Body

Dancing is my go to movement because it makes me happy which helps me release negative energy. Exercise does the same thing. Do something that gets your whole body moving to get the blood flowing, your mind energized, put you in a good mood, and release negative energy.

15. Journaling

Write down what you’re grateful for or say what you’re grateful for out loud or to yourself maybe during a yoga session or as you wake up or before going to bed. I try to write or say 5–10 things I’m grateful for each morning and it puts me in a better and more humble mood and makes me feel more grateful about my life. It helps give you a sense of purpose.

16. Gratitude

Appreciate what’s around you and who’s around you. Show appreciation for the beautiful flowers, trees, birds, butterflies you see and the people closest to you that serve a good purpose in your life. You will start to see & feel more joy around & within you.

17. Declutter

Decluttering your home is like cleansing your soul. You’re making room in your house for good energy. Clutter invites negative energy and causes tension, fatigue, and stress because there’s already so much going on in our minds and having so much clutter in our home adds more clutter to our mind that we become more exhausted. Get rid of what you don’t need or doesn’t bring you joy and make room for what does.

18. Surround Yourself with Nature

Go on nature walks, such as a hike on the mountains, a walk on the grass sinking your feet into Mother Earth, or a jog along the beach letting the salty air cleanse you. Whatever it is, enjoy being among nature while listening to the birds and appreciating all life around you.

19. Positive affirmations

Saying several positive mantras / affirmations when you are feeling down to boost your mood or self esteem, or in the mornings to start your day off right. Science says when you engage in affirmations that focus on personal strengths, you are training your brain to view yourself in a less critical light. I listed some positive affirmations on my instagram story highlight and share some there from time to time.

20. Showers & Baths

Cold showers wake you up, increase your immunity, improve your mood, reduce depression, awaken your senses, and on the plus side they’re good for your skin & hair and boost your metabolism and circulation. They are hard to get used to so what I tend to do is when I’m done washing my hair and body, I gradually decrease the temperature of the water, until it’s really cold and stand in the shower for a minute. I will instantly feel awake and feel refreshed.

Warm baths are good to relax, also increase circulation, boost your immune system, are good for the sinuses, add hydration to our skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and help clear your energetic field.

I have an entire blog post dedicated to the benefits of taking a bath .

There you have it! These are some ways I like to raise my vibration which have done wonders in my life. I know there are so many more, but these are very helpful in getting you to a highly conscious place in your life & become more connected with the Divine & your self, your Higher self.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to comment below, email me, or DM me on instagram. :)


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